About us

Newfinaces s.r.o. was found in 2002 by Pavel Sevcik. He had worked in bank sector from the beginning of ninetieths. During his chackered career, he gained lot of experience and registered many opportunities for creation of consulting and information service in the field of financing of private and public cestor in Czech Republic.

Purpose of Newfinances is also to inform managers, entrepreneurs, managing officers in public sector and individuals about new financial products, about interference of different financial streams, economic and financial thinking, monitoring of contemporary trends and review of future development of economy. For this reason, company started publishing Bi-monthly periodical Finance Magazine in 2003 and in the following year publicated book with 222 financial programs and products offered by EU, government and banks.

Basic information:

Nad Palatou 12
150 00 Prague 5

ID number: 267 00 336
Tax reference number (DIČ): CZ 267 00 336

Date of founding: 22.5.2002
On record in register at Town Court in Prague, section C, insertion 88255